make as many mistakes as you can [art and the story behind it]


i’ve been doing this thing where i invite strangers to have coffee. strangers i’ve read about in the newspaper or found through research as i try to figure out what it really, truly is that i want to be when i grow up. (spoiler alert: i still have no idea.) essentially, strangers who in some shape or form, seem as though they’ll have advice or insight on how to make each day better. more full, if you will. one such stranger suggested i watch neil gaiman’s 2012 commencement speech at the university of the arts. i did. and then i made this piece.

the speech, wholly, is wonderful. this work specifically, and clearly, was most influenced by the following advice.

“go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. break rules. leave the world more interesting for your being here.”

i make many mistakes. many of which are interesting, a handful amazing, and every so often, i mistakes that are glorious and fantastic.

Jennifer Universe