garden + grain [a poem]

In the garden Yenny grew grain,
she’d sown the seeds and wished for rain.

But the skies above were sunny and clear,
so the rain she wished for didn’t appear.

Wishing alone it wasn’t enough,
to make the skies rain had proven quite tough.

Determined to see her little seeds grow,
she picked up a book by a guy named Thoreau.

She read his words and pondered his thoughts,
and concluded that gratitude she’d have to give lots.

So in the morning when she woke,
“thank you, Earth” were the first words she spoke.

And over the course of the following days,
Yenny gave thanks in other ways. 

She counted stars, and sat under trees,
she planted more seeds that were good for the bees. 

Feeling real nice and quite optimistic,
Yenny realized the value of being altruistic.

So at night before bed she said “thank you” once more
and envisioned the rain outside her front door. 

And just like that clouds flooded the skies,
and the rain came down right before her own eyes.

Jennifer Universe