intuition [a poem]

Looking for answers all around,
she consulted the sky and also the ground.

She talked to the bees and questioned the flowers,
she sought out the mystics who had special powers.

She read many books from Pema to Poe
searching for which direction go.

She felt more wise, she’d learned a lot,
but she still wasn’t sure what was next in her plot.

She realized she’d only looked outward for aid,
of her own power, she was a little afraid.

She reflected on all she’d come to learn,
and from it was one thing she begun to discern.

Each teacher’s teachings said something the same,
they taught her that in everyone lives a small little flame.

So she sat really still and focused her mind,
making sure her head and her heart were aligned.

Her thoughts they slowed down and became much more clear,
and a small little voice began to appear.

It sounded familiar, she’d heard it before,
it was warm and calm and it came from her core.

This voice was the flame her teachers had mentioned,
and what she first noticed was it was well intentioned.

She thought about what she wanted and hoped for,
and the voice would speak softly if she should explore more.

She listened and trusted her own little voice,
and with it she was sure she’d make a good choice.

Jennifer Universe