February 5, 2019

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The World in a Nutshell
YK Animation put together this incredibly captivating video which aims to capture the world in a nutshell. Check it out here or below. 
From a seed to war, from meat to love, from indifference to apocalypse. An attempt to capture the world in a nutshell.
Practicing Kindness
Pass along a great book to a friend you've finished reading.
Check out this parsnip dip that you'll definitely fall in love with. A little sweet, certainly savory and hella yummy. It's a little involved, but overall pretty simple to make. 
Art I Like 
Amber Vittoria is an incredible illustrator. A combination of femininity and bold colors define Vittoria's work. Head over to her IG for more for her work and brand collabs.
A Song I Like

Knxwledge is a great producer. He's collaborated with Anderson .Paak, Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick. And his own projects always hit. I particularly like the intro track to Hud Dreems, "Kometostai.Aintreallynootherwaytoputitro." As always, check it out this track then check the whole album. 
What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory? All that was left was de brie.
Another Song I Like

A throwback track to make you feel super fun and great. Really, I don't think I've ever come across a Mannie Fresh beat I don't like, which rings true for this Lil Wayne cut, "Shine." 

[Bonus video of Mannie Fresh making the beat. That smile. That enthusiasm.]
From a Friend
My friend Rachel shared this article on the horrifying reality of being a public defender
One Last Thing
I finally got around to watching Isles of Dogs. It was good. Particularly the sushi scene. Here's a time lapse of how it was made
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