March 5, 2019

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Steven Universe
Meditating can be intimidating. In a world where we're inundated with information (seriously, we're consuming way more of everything than we should or need to be), turning off our brains can be, well, difficult. One of the best pieces of advice I've been given about meditation is to recognize a thought and let it go.

Example, as I settle into my favorite pose to meditate (I'm a shavasana meditator) and all of a sudden something I said three days ago pops into my head – I worry that wasn't received as I'd intended it to be. "Stop," I instruct my brain. "That's just a thought." Recognizing that it's just a thought, not right or wrong, not good or bad, that it's just there, makes it a whole lot easier to let it go and get on with my meditation. And really, this mindfulness trick can be used throughout your whole day, not just when meditating. 

But don't take it from me, take it from one of my favorite cartoons, Steven Universe. Listen to Steven and the Gemstones' song, "Here Comes a Thought." Then give it a try.

(P.S. - like anything, it takes practice.) 
Practicing Kindness
Turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth, because being kind to the Earth and our resources is very important. 
Can you guys tell I follow @Basically on Instagram? Anyways, this salsa macha recipe is fire and I've been putting it on coconut rice with tofu or white fish and have been very happy with it. 
Art I Like 
I came across this artist, Amaan Jah, on Twitter. And that's really all I know, other than his work is incredible. You can peep more on IG
A Song I Like

Lately when I've needed a little motivation, I been spin the latest track from Frank Leone, "GO FOR IT." Something about the beat is mad entrancing (is it the recorder?) and adds a little bop to my step. 
What drink brings you down to earth? Gravi-Tea.
Definitely Read This
Certainly Chris Webber will always be remembered as a NBA player, but let's not forget his role in the music industry and that he produced the best track off Nas' 2006 album, Hip Hop is Dead.
Another Song I Like

I'm hoping with my whole heart that 2019 is the year we get another track from Young Thug and Popcaan.

'Til then, enjoy this timeless jam from the duo and Jamie XX, "I Know There's Gonna Be." [Best paired with sunshine and should be listened to all the way turned up.]
From a Friend
My friend Alia introduced me to another newsletter from her friend Simon. Last week's edition included an article focused on the religion of workism, and posing the question, should we be relying on work to provide our sense of self, purpose and our community? 
One Last Thing
29 of the best podcasts for curious minds in 2019 from Wired. 
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