June 19, 2019

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Habits of Happiness
Hear from biochemist turned Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard, on developing habits for happiness. 
Practicing Kindness
Ask for help. Give someone in your life the opportunity to step up and help you with something – an errand, a problem, a new 
Cantaloupe is a top 5 fruit. So, it's no wonder I really love this cantaloupe salad with snap peas and ricotta salata (which I sometimes substitute for regular ricotta). 
Art I Like 
Ilya Milstein is a fabulous illustrator whose work has landed everywhere from the New Yorker to Red Bull. Delicate and detailed, check out his IG for colorful scenes of everyday life. 
A Song I Like

I've been on a Raphael Saadiq kick lately, especially the track "Just One Kiss." A nice, old fashioned love song. (Something that I love.) Also shout out Joss Stone, where ya been at? 

Did you hear the one about the statistician? Probably.
Definitely Read This
"The goal is to grow fresh produce in an accessible way, and in a space that can be enjoyed by the community." Atlanta turned 7-acres of land into an edible forest to provide for and help educate the community, and I think we need a lot more of this. 
Another Song I Like

Stumbled upon BENE's music recently and haven't been able to get enough of the young songstress. Check out "Soaked" and let's hope that more music is coming this year. 
From a Friend
My co-worker Gretchen shared a guided meditation with us that is both honest and helpful. 
One Last Thing
People from all around the world describe what it feels like to be in love
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