butterfly [a poem]

When some things change, it’s only a little,
enough to notice, but still noncommittal.

Growing is scary, and often it hurts,
that’s why it’s done slowly and also in spurts.

But then there are others, who completely transform,
like this little caterpillar, his first name is Norm.

Norm, he knew, he was full of potential,
but in order to reach it, change was essential.

He wasn’t quite sure what he’d become,
but staying the same, to him it seemed glum.

He enjoyed the adventure and trusted the process,
he started to grow and celebrated his progress.

This stage of his life was nearing a close,
So Norm, he reflected on the highs and the lows.

And though he’d been growing, it was hard to tell,
so he figured some solitude would do him well.

He bundled himself into a cocoon,
feeling his transformation would happen quite soon.

Wrapped in silk and filled with hope,
Norm the caterpillar emerged even more dope.

Through time and commitment the old norm said bye,
for he’d grown into a butterfly.

Jennifer Universe