meditation [a poem]

What do you do when you don’t know what’s next,⁣
when you wanna think simple but your mind is complex.⁣

You read and you write, and spend time alone,⁣
you sit in the garden and turn off your phone.⁣

You go for for a walk and admire the trees,⁣
you sit on the beach and soak in the seas.⁣

You sit real still and breathe real deep,⁣
and notice the thoughts that linger and creep.⁣

Thank them for coming and honor their place,⁣
then ask them to leave so your mind has more space. ⁣

And not for more thoughts, but actually for nothing,⁣
the goal of this process is to silence the mind’s buzzing.⁣

What happens next when your thoughts disappear,⁣
is that reality suddenly seems much more clear.⁣

Jennifer Universe