May 17, 2019

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Love and Children's Books
I just wrapped up a class this week on writing for children's books. (It was hella cool and I learned A LOT.) I share this as a note on why this week's newsletter is late (sorry!) and also to make sense of the story I'm starting out with today. Amy Krouse Rosenthal was a wonderful and celebrated children's book author. (We dissected her book Don’t Blink in class and you should definitely snag a copy for a tiny pie in your life, it’s clever.) She passed away from ovarian cancer in 2017. But before she did, Amy wrote one last piece. It wasn't, however, a children's book. Instead, it was an essay published in the New York Times – a letter to her husband's future spouse, a dating profile if you will. And it's marvelously heartfelt. Warm and honest, Amy illustrates the beautiful and fulfilling relationship she found herself in for almost three decades. I highly recommend taking time today, or soon, to relish in the piece – to remember that in sadness there can also be a lot of love. [Her husband's response, written a year later, can be read here.]
Practicing Kindness
Share a recipe you love with a friend or co-worker. 
You wanna know why food tastes so much better at restaurants? Butter. They cook with so. much. butter. Elevate your butter game with this recipe for charred onion and sesame-chile butter. It's delightful on pretty much everything (especially prawns, snapper and corn).
Art I Like 
Issy Crocker is a food photographer and her photos are magical. Seriously, it feels like you can taste them. Her work was recently covered in It's Nice That and you can peep her IG for more mouthwatering images. 
A Song I Like

Still Woozy dropped an EP, Lately, earlier this month and it's very nice. Teaming up with Omar Apollo (who also has a new project out) and Elujay resulted in my favorite track, "Ipanema."  It's perfect for a sunny day. 
Why are skeletons so calm? Because nothing gets under their skin!
Definitely Read This
This week is actually a ‘definitely watch this’. OTHERtone welcomes Virginia Beach-natives Chad Hugo, Pusha T, Pharrell, and Timbaland, as well as music legend, Teddy Riley. [Pro tip: at the five and a half minute mark Tim & Pharrell go back and forth on their favorite beats from other and man if you're heart doesn't smile, idfwu.]
Another Song I Like

S/O to Margo for putting me on this Young Nudy track, "Mister" featuring 21 Savage and produced by Pierre Bourne. It's a bop. 
From a Friend
I don't know if I missed the lecture on split brains science class, but wow. Shout out to Meron for sharing the video. Humans are weird. 
One Last Thing
Fuck Alabama. As you've heard by now the state passed the most restrictive abortion law in the country – nearly outlawing abortions completely, even in the case of rape and incest. Here's how you can help women in states, like Alabama, with extreme abortion laws
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