May 7, 2019

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Happy spring. I hope all the work you've been putting into yourselves this winter is coming to fruition and you are starting to grow and bloom. Here's a beautiful hyperlapse video of flowers blooming from NatGeo. Drink some water. Spend some time in thought. And don't forget to stretch.
Practicing Kindness
Make a friend a playlist of songs that remind you of them. 
Omg it's ramp season. By now you know I'm a fan of a good sauce or pesto to keep on deck and elevate, well, nearly everything. So, this week, I offer you an old faithful – ramp pesto. I usually rock with walnuts because pine nuts are pricey. It's super tasty on spaghetti, but also to dip fresh veggies in. 
Art I Like 
Alexandre Benjamin Navet is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris. I adore his use of color. Any artist who can make captivating still life holds a special place in my heart. Here's his IG – scroll for more beautiful pieces
A Song I Like

Faye Webster and Father teamed up for the track "Flowers" and it's all sorts of pretty. P.S.: I hope the April showers are bringing you all sorts of flowers. 
When do you know a banana wants to dance? When you see the banana shake. 
Definitely Read This
This mom raised two CEOs and a doctor. Read about the five values she worked to instill in her daughters to encourage them to reach phenomenal heights. 
Another Song I Like

Remember Kelis? Of course you do because she's a queen. I've been listening to her 2003 album, Tasty, a lot lately. Especially the song "Suga Honey Iced Tea," on a sunny morning.  
From a Friend
A lot of y'all sent me this story, the one where the author makes the case for taking all her first dates to Olive Garden, so it had to make the newsletter. For those who haven't read it yet, it's cute. And it also might provide a new approach to first dates, who knows?!
One Last Thing
"In many cases, gardens and nature are more powerful than any medication." An excerpt from the late Oliver Sacks on the healing power of gardens. 
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