May 29, 2019

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I think it is so, so,  so incredibly important that we all spend time in thought, creative thought, each day and come up with far-reaching, out-of-the-box, ridiculous ideas - ones that might not even be realistic, whatever realistic really is. Creativity builds character. It's curiosity that solves problems (and maybe sometimes makes them, too). 

Below is one of my favorite commercials. A reminder to nurture those strange, far-fetched, too big, maybe outrageous ideas. Exercise your imagination and to surround yourself with people who encourage you, support you, and remember to do the same for them. 
Ideas are scary, messy, and fragile, but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. 
Practicing Kindness
If you see litter, pick it up! 
Fried halloumi is a summer staple for me. This recipe pairs the buttery, salty cheese with fresh grapefruit, herbs and almonds. It's balanced and delicious. 
Art I Like 
Pelle Cass takes thousands of pictures, in one place, at one event, and complies them into a single frame to create a sort of "still time-lapse." The results are cool and captivating. Head over to his IG for more
A Song I Like

I have no idea how I stumbled across this album, but it's super weird and super good. Check out Liyv's latest album, Apoptosis, probably when you''. "Sprig" is a good one if you've only got time for one track. 

What do you call friends who love math? Algebros.
Definitely Read This
It's okay to be good not great. (A reminder that I often need – and found through vulnerability, patience and acceptance.) 
Another Song I Like

The horns on Pete Rock's "Mind Blowin'" always make me smile. His flow feels effortless atop a jazzy beat. A truly timeless summer jam. 
From a Friend
Rachel shared an interesting story from The Takeaway on the evolution of the executive office
One Last Thing
It'll be hard to not cheer for the Raptors after reading this thread on their biggest fan - and no, it's not Drake. (But who cheers for GSW anyways?) 
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