June 5, 2019

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"I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people’s expectations."

Advice from the late, great, David Bowie on being an artist. Check out the clip below. 
RIP D-Bo <3
Practicing Kindness
Haven't heard back from a friend in a while? Follow-up. We all get busy and sometimes it takes two texts to keep in touch :) 
This past weekend Leyla, Leah and I hosted a dinner party with all sorts of delicious treats. (We hope to do more this summer so if you've got space let us know!) My favorite dish to come from it was a charred curry broccoli. Seriously. It was fire. And easy to make. 
Art I Like 
Really diggin' on Laura Berger's work. Check out her IG for more girls on girls on girls and beautiful color palettes. 
A Song I Like

Because you're probably not listening to enough UGK, here's one of my favorite tracks from the kingz of the underground, "Something Good." 

What do you call anxious dinosaurs? Nervous Rex.
Definitely Read This
“At the core of a slump is the mental state,” World Peace said. “And the more you open up, the more you can address it and get rid of it quick.”

Metta World Peace (fka Ron Artest) reflects on stress, anger and anxiety, and his new role, and goal, to bring light to mental health issues

After you've read that, go check out the documentary about World Peace, 'Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story,' now streaming on Showtime. It's really good. 
Another Song I Like

Steve Lacy dropped his first full-length, solo album at the end of May, Apollo XXI, and it's wonderful. It also only has one feature, the group DAISY. So, obviously I had to go check out their catalog. And obviously, it's really good. I've had the track, "Daydreaming," in heavy rotation. Their EP, Have a Snack, is worth a full spin. 
From a Friend
My friend Michael shared a great and interesting read about the cause of procrastination. Spoiler: it's less about being lazy and more about emotions. 
One Last Thing
Musicians are losing hella money on streaming services and it's all because of metadata
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